Address 13325 Darice Parkway, #A Strongsville, OH 44149
Phone (440) 846-7800
Contact EJ Watson
Business Type Manufacturing Related Business
Company Description HMI Industries, Inc. (“Industries”) is a manufacturer of high quality indoor air filtration systems whose products are sold exclusively through a worldwide direct sales channel. The Company’s distribution system consists of independent authorized distributors and importers who sell HMI products. Each distributor and importer has a defined territory in which it maintains the exclusive right to sell HMI products to consumers through an in-home presentation. These distributors and importers are also responsible for providing service, replacement parts and supplies to the end consumers in their territories. The Company’s principal products include a high filtration portable surface cleaner that is marketed as a healthier alternative to the typical vacuum cleaner and a portable room air cleaner that helps to remove particles, gases, and odors from the air. They are sold under the trade names Filter Queen®, Majestic®, Empress®, and Defender® (portable room air cleaner only).
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